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Our Apple Apps

We are building up our selection of apps on DesignStack, see the categories below:

Visually Impaired Apps:

These are designed to help people with low vision, to help them navigate the iPad and the iPhone. See Video HERE.

Life Style Apps:

Which include the Feng Shui Compass for Bed, Desk, Cooker and Front Door placement and the Astro Match & Astro Match Pro, that allow you to analyze your Relationship with the Sun Signs (zodiac sign).

Fun Apps:

It's a free Lottery Number Picker (for UK lottery games) that will make choosing the numbers for your lottery, so much more fun and hopefully it will bring you some good luck as well.
Press the image, to take you to the app page. 

DS T-shirts:

We are currently putting together a selection of Art T-shirts, Funny T-shirts and Entertainment T-shirts.  As soon as they are ready we will let you know.

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The Pinkus.

Pinkus is a Palm Rejection Glove that allows you to rest your hand on the iPad when using a Stylus.
Press the image for a lot more information & a video about this wonderful product.

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The Pinkus. (hand drawn one of a kind.)

To illustrate what can be done with the Blank Customisable one, we have create some one time only designs, that we are now selling.
Press the image to get a better look at the these unique designs.

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