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Pinkus is a Palm Rejection Glove that allows you to rest your hand on the iPad when using a Stylus.

When you write on your iPad and put your palm down at the same time as the stylus, the Ipad glitches as it thinks you are trying to pinch or zoom.

So a lot of people write without touching the Ipad, like this:

Pinkus is a writing glove that blocks your palm from the iPad,  so you can write normally, with rested palm, like pen on paper.

Writing by Hand allows you to concentrate on content understanding, instead of avoiding typos.

You can do so much more with your tablet and stylus if you rest your palm.

Writing or drawing on your tablet feels more natrual like like pen on paper.

Pinkus cleans you iPad as you write, it absorbs grease and finger marks.

Pinkus comes in 5 colours Red, Camel, Black, Navy, Pink.

Order a Blank one and color it in yourself.

Draw what you Inspired....

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