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Schrödinger's Cat Enamel Pins with Box

In the spirit of this Famous thought Experiment, a randomly chosen pin will arrive in a cardboard box. The box will contain either a "ALIVE cat" pin or a "DEAD cat" pin. You will not know which it is until you open it. BUT if you would prefer a Live or Dead pin, you can choose that option in the rewards.

Each pin is about 1 inch in size and made of Hard Enamel with Golden trim and Matching Golden metal Clutch.  Hard Enamel Pins are the best Quality.

Schrödinger's Cat is the Most Famous Thought Experiment the World!

It's about quantum physics, a.k.a tiny ass particles. Particles like an electron have the ability to be in many states at the same time, this is called superposition. It's only when you observe it that the many states become one, the one that you record.

Schrödinger was an Austrian Scientist who disagreed with this, he ran an experiment in his mind.

Put imaginary kitty in a box with a geiger counter, some radioactive material, and a vial of poison and close it.

The radioactive material has a 50% chance of decaying within 1 hour.

The poison is booby trapped to release when the geiger counter detects particles from the radioactive decay and kill fake kitty.

While the box is closed, the particles are in superposition, so the booby trap may or may not be triggered at the same time, which means Kitty is dead and alive at the same time. But CATS ARE NOT ZOMBIES!

The Many Worlds Theory

One way to explain Zombie cats is with the Many Worlds theory, where every event is a branch point; when you open the box, the alive cat and the dead cat are in different branches of the universe, both of which are equally real, but do not interact with each other.

Parallel Worlds

What if every time you made a choice, you create an alternate reality for opposite?

Alternate Realities

What if in a parallel Universe, Heisenberg is still out there, all the Game of Thrones books have been completed (with 24 episodes per season! ) and Princess Leia is still with us.

What if anything that can Happen, actually happens.

It's totally mind blowing to think of infinite outcomes in many worlds.

 But that's one theory that can explain Schrödinger's cat, when you open the box to check on kitty, you split the universe, kitty is alive in one and dead in the other at the same time. But you have to open the box to find out.

What you will Receive:

You will receive a box with a mystery inside, when you open the box, your cat will either be alive or dead, depending on which universe you are in! (But you can also choose a live or dead one when you buy)

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