4 Feb 2023

Graphite on Paper Portrait Drawings

Softly drawn graphite portraits on paper.

Japanese Artist Ozabu (Saki Masumoto) specialises in a bond between the women in his drawings and animals plus nature.

Every illustration on this page, has at least two of these factors interacting, directly or indirectly with in them.

Beautifully executed, with a subtle, but distinct touch of surrealism. These images are open to your own interpretation and understanding. What do you see in them?

A nice gentle way of starting the weekend. A feeling and a mood which will hopefully carry you through the entire forty-eight ours.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
The girl and the offering.
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The girl and the Kitsune.
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Wrapped in nature.
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A hat of flowers and feathers.
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Butterflies and flowers.
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A relaxed pose.
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Under the tree with butterflies.
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A moment of reflection.
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Bonsai tree girl.
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