15 May 2024

Blue and Red Ballpoint Pen Portrait Drawings

Precise blue and red, ballpoint pen portrait drawings.

Daniel Ben (דניאל בן) Is the artist whom drew all of the lovely drawings below.

Some of them are blue, one of them is red and one is a mixture.  I love the subtlety with wich this last one was done.  The dress in blue whilst all of the rest ins red.

Even though that is not a natural skin colour, the drawing has a beautifully natural feel.  Astonishing detailing dotted all around the illustration, especially the face.  Given its size and the size of the nib of the pen, it's incredible how realistic it looks.

A gifted artist whose every drawing, has the qualities described above.  Take your time with דניאל בן art, to take in all of the painstakingly accurate aspects of each portrait.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Sitting in a pose.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Drawing vs photo 1.
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The flower girl.
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The bird lady.
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The warrior and the creature.
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The father and child.
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A stylish hat and earrings.
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Wind swept hair.
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Drawing vs photo 2.
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A warm smile.
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