14 May 2024

Watercolor and Colored Pencils Fantasy Animal Art

Fantasy watercolor and color pencil drawings, of hybrids and all sorts of other creatures.

Katy Lipscomb is a prolific artist.  One, whom we have been following for years.  The art on this pages was created by her.

Her work is so imaginative and revolves around animals.  Real living ones and mythical ones.

Today, I have put together an assortment of beings to keep you entertained.  The variety in style, as well as the one in species, is almost set to guarantee enjoyment.

Have a fantastic time going through Lipscomb's wonderful art.

For more of Lipscomb's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
Radiant Rainbow Phoenix collaboration with @derwentart_us
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Cat koi fish hybrid.
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Colourful wolf pack.
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The dragon and the fish.
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Butterfly dragon.
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fox koi fish hybrid.
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Circling ravens with gold and silver accents.
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Wolf drawing collection.
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The crow story.
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Colourful red fox.
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