13 May 2024

Ornate Designs Ink Architecture Drawings

Gorgeous architecture in the form of buildings, masterfully recreated with style.

Jesse Spencer Smith is the artist whom depicted the art on this page.

Black and white ink drawings, showcase vintage designs of residential and commercial buildings.  

You can see the love which has gone in the creation of the form of the exterior, making you imagine just how good the interior must look.  Beautiful antique accents adorning each and every room.  Furniture and architectural detailing, clothing the house, in its Sunday best.

No modern looking buildings in the post, but a look to the past and the warmth with goes with it.

Enjoy these drawings and your Monday.
Victorian house.
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Building with turret.
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Mark Hopkins mansion San Francisco.
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San Francisco townhouse.
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Old mansions California.
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A reminder of home.
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Boston, Massachusetts.
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Carmel, Indiana.
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Compled building design.
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Musikverein, Vienna, Austria.
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