5 May 2013

Column Kitchen

Have no space in you flat? Have no room to move but there is nothing you can do without?  Reduce your footprint of you kitchen and use the space for something else.  Usually images like this are destined to remain conceptual fantasies only.  The manufacturer of the ECooking, Clei,  is apparently going to start selling it in 2014. The designer of this new concept in kitchen is Massimo Facchineti.  More information and video below.

The Column kitchen will come with the following appliances and features:
  • Oven, fridge, induction cook tops, sink, dishwasher and espresso maker
  • Multi-stage water filtration.
  • Herb garden that uses filtered grey water.
  • Built in ventilation and UVA light for your herb garden.
  • Counter surfaces that creates seating for six.
  • Storage.
  • Rendering shows a solar panelled back to power entire house (unconfirmed).


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