18 Nov 2018

Indelible Ballpoint Pen Portraits

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I think that the title says it all, once the line goes on the page, it can't be removed and it's very difficult to hide, if you make a mistake.

17 Nov 2018

16 Nov 2018

Body Art with Camouflage Body Painting

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Models meld into the background, disappearing in front of our eyes.

15 Nov 2018

Black and White Ink Animal Drawings

Ink and marker pens, bring to life these lovely animals.

14 Nov 2018

Black and White Stippling Animal Drawings

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Drawings of animals that incorporate their homes, within their form.

13 Nov 2018

12 Nov 2018

MADi Home Flat Pack A-Frame Tiny House

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A flat-packed foldable house, that can be completed in 2 days.

11 Nov 2018

Different Shapes Features And Expressions in Portraits

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Group drawing studies, in this varied collection of human faces.

10 Nov 2018

Hand Sculpted Dollhouse Miniature Animals

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Lovely little animals, created at 1:12 scale of their real life size.

9 Nov 2018

Surreal Paintings full of Meaning and Symbols

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An artists that experiments with different forms or art, from traditional to digital.