21 Sep 2019

10 Animal Portrait Drawings and an Eye

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I know it's an animal drawing post, but that human eye is so well detailed and realistic, that I had to include it, I put it right at the bottom.

20 Sep 2019

Layers in Pencil Portrait Drawings

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The artist in this post, lists these, as pencil drawing, I am not sure if in 1 or 2 cases, there might be some mixed media.

19 Sep 2019

Black and White Ink Doodles

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Drawings representing various concepts and ideas in doodle format.

18 Sep 2019

Drawing Dark Subjects Bursting with Color

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Dark matters and emotions, mixed with a cascade of colors, that in some ways, ameliorate the final impact of the image.

17 Sep 2019

Interior Design and Vintage Furniture

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Rooms, great armchairs and hopefully, some inspiring components, you might want to integrate in your decor.

16 Sep 2019

14 Sep 2019

Animal Drawings Steeped in Zentangle

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Gorgeous animal rendered more stylish, whilst wearing a coat of zentangle shapes.

13 Sep 2019

Freehand Drawings on Violins

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An artist that draws with ink on string instruments.

12 Sep 2019

Digital Art Animals Photos

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An artist who's children and art, play an important role in his life.