12 Dec 2018

Ink Illustrations of Nature and Animals

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Ink drawings that explore nature and the animal kingdom.

11 Dec 2018

Architecture Expressed in House Drawings

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A beautiful representation of the places we love, our fortress and refuge, our own personal space.

8 Dec 2018

Drawings by Domestic and wildlife Animal Artist

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Majestic animals drawn in beautiful detail, to approximate as much as possible, the real thing.

7 Dec 2018

Digital Art Scribble Drawing Portraits

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A great style and technique, that really adds texture to your drawings.

6 Dec 2018

Black and White Drawings of Birds

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One of humanity's greatest dreams, is to fly unaided by any machinery whilst, birds do it with so much ease and flair.

5 Dec 2018

Paintings of 12 Cats in Different Art Styles

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The title gives away half the story, in the next written portion and images, we are going to have a look at the styles and the Artists, that provided the inspiration.

4 Dec 2018

3D Architectural Urban Moleskine Sketches

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City Live Sketch is a project that mixes drawings and real life buildings, in a great 3D ensemble.

3 Dec 2018

Tiny House Stone Cottage on Wheels

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At first glance, it looks like any other lovely little stone cottage, in the middle of the forest...