9 Aug 2020

Animal and Fantasy Creature Drawings

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Some well known faces and some exiting discoveries, in animal portraits.

8 Aug 2020

Opposite Ends of Portrait Emotions

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Not all of them, but many of these portraits seem like opposite ends of the spectrum of emotions.

7 Aug 2020

6 Aug 2020

Watercolors of Nighttime and Shops in Paris

Watercolor paintings, that almost look like portals to the actual location in Paris.

5 Aug 2020

Sci Fi feel Drawing Portraits

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They almost look like drawing studies for sci-fi aliens.

4 Aug 2020

Everyday and Fantasy Ink Drawings

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A plethora of ink drawings ideas and concepts, of which I have picked but just a few.

3 Aug 2020

Serene Fantasy illustrations

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Art that soothes the spirit, perfect for the beginning of a new cycle, marked by a Monday.

2 Aug 2020

Cute Forest Dwelling Creature Drawings

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This artist has a real knack for making his little creatures look really cute.

1 Aug 2020

Indian Sketchbook Art

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This artist is more famous for his paintings, but it's the costumes and detailing in his sketches, that most impress me.