22 Jan 2019

European Architecture in Watercolor Paintings

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An artist that has a love for painting and the beauty in the world, which she wants to show us through her art.

21 Jan 2019

The Boot Architecture in a Tiny House

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An Architectural building, probably inspired by the storybook fairy tale. This particular tiny home, is located in New Zealand.

20 Jan 2019

Colorful and Luminous Portrait Drawings

A multitude of colors which, bring out all of the contours of the face and show them off at their very best.

19 Jan 2019

Cats and Dogs Color Pencil Drawings

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The expression of your favourite furry friend, looking back at you through a drawing.

18 Jan 2019

Drawings that Mirror Reality

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If not in substance, definitely from a visual perspective, a very real look at everyday objects.

17 Jan 2019

Famous Paintings in Coffee Food Art

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Enhancing our culinary experience, by engaging another one of our senses, sight.

16 Jan 2019

Drawing Everything out of Anything

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An artist that has made a carer, out of drawing around or with anything that comes to hand.

15 Jan 2019

The History of Architecture in Drawings

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00-Vlad-Bucur-The History-of-Architecture-in-Drawings-www-designstack-co
A student that visits the link between past and present, thanks to enduring buildings, expressed in architectural drawings.

14 Jan 2019

Vintage Tiny House with a Modern Twist

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A covered wagon, that has has amazing views of its surroundings.

13 Jan 2019

Pen and Pencil Portrait Sketches

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Lines and shading that make very convincing expressions on beautiful portraits.