24 Mar 2019

Pencil Portrait Drawings Contour Maps

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Realistic pencil drawings that really showcase and showoff, the abilities of this talented artist.

23 Mar 2019

Colorful Domestic and Wild Animal Paintings

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Domesticated animals cats and dogs as well as wild animals, form the subject matter for this post.

22 Mar 2019

Surreal Impressionism in Paintings

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Paintings with a technique influenced from the past and thoughts of the meaning of life, as old as humans.

21 Mar 2019

Surrealism and Imaginative Illustrations

A real trip through the land of dreams and surrealism. (There were no titles so I added some).

20 Mar 2019

Makeup Face and Body Painting 3D Illusions

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One of the best face and body painting artist I have seen.

19 Mar 2019

Urban Sketches Colorfully Painted

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European cities wearing beautiful bright colors, painted by this great artist.

18 Mar 2019

The Fuselage Glamping in Nature

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A tiny house that make camping a more protected and cosy experience plus, it's sustainable with little impact on Nature.

17 Mar 2019

Portrait Drawings of People on Instagram

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A group of portraits with a different amounts of detailing, a sliding scale that goes from realism to sketch, no one better than the other, but fascinating in their own way.

16 Mar 2019

Realistic Wildlife Animal Drawings

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Showing love for art and the animal kingdom, by immortalising them on paper.

15 Mar 2019

Life Experiences Expressed in Drawings

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An artist that draws (I mean it in both senses of the word), from her experiences and the feelings she goes through, in her daily life.