23 Mar 2019

Colorful Domestic and Wild Animal Paintings

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Domesticated animals cats and dogs as well as wild animals, form the subject matter for this post.

22 Mar 2019

Surreal Impressionism in Paintings

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Paintings with a technique influenced from the past and thoughts of the meaning of life, as old as humans.

21 Mar 2019

Surrealism and Imaginative Illustrations

A real trip through the land of dreams and surrealism. (There were no titles so I added some).

20 Mar 2019

Makeup Face and Body Painting 3D Illusions

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One of the best face and body painting artist I have seen.

19 Mar 2019

Urban Sketches Colorfully Painted

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European cities wearing beautiful bright colors, painted by this great artist.

18 Mar 2019

The Fuselage Glamping in Nature

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A tiny house that make camping a more protected and cosy experience plus, it's sustainable with little impact on Nature.

17 Mar 2019

Portrait Drawings of People on Instagram

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A group of portraits with a different amounts of detailing, a sliding scale that goes from realism to sketch, no one better than the other, but fascinating in their own way.

16 Mar 2019

Realistic Wildlife Animal Drawings

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Showing love for art and the animal kingdom, by immortalising them on paper.

15 Mar 2019

Life Experiences Expressed in Drawings

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An artist that draws (I mean it in both senses of the word), from her experiences and the feelings she goes through, in her daily life.

14 Mar 2019

Animal Stippling and Cross Hatching B&W Drawings

An artist that experiments with both, black and white stippling plus, the cross hatching technique and compares results.