18 Aug 2018

17 Aug 2018

Movie and Comics Superheroes and Villains Drawings

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Strong personalities that make an impression, as do this artist's drawings.

16 Aug 2018

Ink Animal Drawings Within a Drawing

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A wonderful way of illustrating a scene, with drawings within drawings.

15 Aug 2018

Travel Diary Sketches and Moleskine Drawings

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Drawings in different styles and interests, that illustrate all sorts of things.

14 Aug 2018

Varied Living Room Interior Design Sketches

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Variations in designs, to give options and to cater to different likes and preferences.

13 Aug 2018

19th Century Rail Viaduct House Reclaimed Space Architecture

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A beautiful house, born from a small exterior space and nestled into an archway.

12 Aug 2018

Wave Like Style Minimalist Pencil Portraits

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A portrait, is drawing, a likeness of a person.  That said there are so many different mediums and styles that can be used, that you are almost assured to find uniqueness.

11 Aug 2018

Pastel Drawings of Cats and Dogs

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Great drawings with warm backgrounds, that make these lovely animals, look even more adorable.

10 Aug 2018

Swarovski Crystal Drawings

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Animals that look like they are refracting light through their faceted skin.

9 Aug 2018