20 Feb 2020

10 Color and 3 B&W Portraits

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The title doesn't offer much of a description, sorry about that, let me see if I can improve on it.

19 Feb 2020

Fluid Animal Watercolor Paintings

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An artist that expressed shapes in a very fluid manner, in his watercolor paintings.

18 Feb 2020

Urban Cityscapes Drawings

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An artist that at a young age, related to the world around him, only through his drawings.

17 Feb 2020

Imaginative Mandala Designs

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Inspired designs that make themselves different, from the centuries old traditional drawing technique.

16 Feb 2020

Ink Stippling in Black and White

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Perfectly compressed small ink drawings, that are missing nothing, in character and finish, from a bigger sized one.

15 Feb 2020

Pencil Paints and Color Pens

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A bit of a mixed media assortment here, in my opinion, showcasing the best qualities of each.

14 Feb 2020

Realistic Portraits and Other Drawings

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Black and white ink drawings, that look amazing for the precision and the scale in which they are executed.

13 Feb 2020

Zodiac and More Fashion Drawings

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Dresses and gowns, beautifully detailed, in their design and their colors.