25 Sep 2018

Interior Design Layouts and Furniture

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Interior Design Drawings, shining the light on furniture and room settings.

24 Sep 2018

Architecture with the Flying Pod

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A fantastic construction that floats in the air, above water.

23 Sep 2018

Multiple Portraits Drawing Studies

I really love drawing studies, especially portraits, with multiple faces all on one page.

22 Sep 2018

No Reference Drawings come from Memory

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A real eye for detail and a memory, that allows this young artist to create these large interesting drawings.

21 Sep 2018

Abstract Colourful Ballpoint Pen Drawings

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I am not usually a fan of abstract drawings, but these have an attractive quality, that really pulls you in.

20 Sep 2018

Cosmic Space Fantasy Animal Drawings and Paintings

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Great title that sets up these fantastic drawings and paintings.

19 Sep 2018

Zodiac Haute Couture Exquisite Fashion Drawings

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This is part two, following last week's fashion drawings, these are the Zodiac inspired ones.

18 Sep 2018

Travel Journal Countries Plus Fantasy Drawings

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A lovely and colorful way of illustrating countries, around the world.

17 Sep 2018

Architecture and the House of Hammocks

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This post is a bit different for our usual choice of architectural buildings.

16 Sep 2018

Ballpoint Pen Portraits with very Different Expressions

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You don't often see people posing for an art piece, with eyes closed or pulling faces and that is what I really like about these drawings.