23 Jul 2019

Urban Architecture Pencil Drawings

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An artist that charges-up the detailing in his drawings, to bring us these beautiful scenes.

22 Jul 2019

Open Plan Houseboat Architecture

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Flexible architecture and space, that can be adapted to become whatever is need of it.

20 Jul 2019

19 Jul 2019

Symbolism Hidden in Charcoal Drawings

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Drawings that make us pause and think about what the artist is trying to convey and ultimately, what the piece is saying to us.

18 Jul 2019

3D Looking Mandala Drawings

The ancient form of art, Mandala drawings, given the illusion of a third dimension.

17 Jul 2019

Great Detailing in Fantasy Drawings

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Even if fantasy drawings are not your thing, have a look for the detailing.

16 Jul 2019

Fineliners Urban Architectural Sketches

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An artist that allows us to travel around the world, with His or Her, ink drawings.

15 Jul 2019

14 Jul 2019