19 Jun 2019

A Varied Collection of Pencil drawings

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The title, perfectly serves as a description of this post, with many different subjects. 

18 Jun 2019

Architectural Drawings - City of the Ghosts

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The color of the paper, coupled with the light pencil lines and shading, really adds a ghostly feeling to it.

17 Jun 2019

Cabin Architecture set on a Hill

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A hotel room, that does not have immediate neighbours, giving you your own little space.

16 Jun 2019

Realistic Portrait Drawings

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Portrait drawings, some of which are drawn on school book pages.

15 Jun 2019

Realistic Animal Pencil Drawings

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An artist that has no art qualifications, driven by her love for drawing, nature and the animal kingdom.

14 Jun 2019

Movie Drawings within Drawings

Illustrations that carry the stories of their characters they inhabit.

12 Jun 2019

Precision in Geometric Mandala Drawings

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Great imagination, allows this artist to create beauty, with geometric shapes.

11 Jun 2019

Interior Design Colored Sketches

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An illustrator that not only creates art, but also teaches all of the tricks of the trade.