26 Jun 2013

Model Box 3D

Printing is now beginning to go 3D but it isn't still for the masses, it is quite expensive to have products made and more expensive to buy the actual printer. Model Box 3D provides a way of producing  simulated 3D image from a series of 2D transparent sheets.  This system can be of use to a variety of people, from art students to sculptors for low budget prototyping.  Laura Krause and Eric Sagotsky are currently trying to raise the money they will need for production, from Kickstarter.  When it raised you will be able buy the kit which includes the Acrylic Box, 28 inkjet or laser printable transparencies and the software to turn your designs into a series of flat layers to print.  Some images will come with the kit and you will have access to a repository online for more.  We have loaded 3 videos that explain the origin and practical uses of this 3D display case.

How To Customize Your ModelBox 3D.

ModelBox 3D - Origin Story.

04 ModelBox 3D Images.

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