31 Jul 2013

Re-purposed Toilet - Flat / Apartment

With our cities becoming more and more congested, it is becoming very difficult and more expensive to find a place to live in.  A bit of lateral thinking is what is needed, Architectural practice Lamp give us an example of the new type of ingenuity we need to adopt if we are going to make more liveable space in our cities.  They made a Flat from what used to be an underground public toilet.  Before you switch off in disgust look at it and tell me if you wouldn't live in it.  The Flat / Apartment is in Crystal Palace south London in the UK.
it is a 1 Bedroom, about, 56 m2 600 square feet, it comes with internal garden (I am guessing it originally Toilets had 2 entrances Male and Female and 1 was retained for the entrance to the flat and the other one closed off, the stairs were removed and made into a garden).  Fantastic natural lighting you would not guess from the pictures that you were underground.

Above Ground Entrance.

Sitting Room - Picture 1.

Sitting Room - Picture 2.



06-Bedroom and Garden-Underground-Public-Toilet-1-Bed-Flat-Apartment-Crystal-Palace-London-UK-Lamp-Architects-www-designstack-co
Bedroom and Garden.

Corridor - Length of the Flat.

Old Toilet Layout.

Old Toilet Layout.

Old Toilet Layout.

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