4 Sep 2013

Drawing Guide Sketchbook

Arts teacher Christopher Locke adapted one of Hemingway's quotes, to the question, what scared him the most, he responded "A blank sheet of paper."  He found that the same was true for his students, if asked to draw anything they would sit there, frustrated not knowing what to do.  He gave them sheets with beginnings of a drawing, that the students would then develop.  When he got their work back, he saw that even though the 30 students were all given the same start, they ended up with very different finished work, that is when he developed his concept,  which includes mini art lessons.  Locke has raised over $42.000 (Project on Kickstarter) when originally asking $8,000 to develop his The Heartless Machine Guide to Drawing: [fill in the blanks] sketchbook. Long Title.







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