6 Sept 2013

Micro - Phone Lens

The Micro - Phone Lens transforms your phone into a 15X Magnifying Lens. The Lens is scratch resistant, easy to clean, with an adhesive backing can be used, says the inventor, with most camera phones and camera tablets, but should be removed when not in use.
The Inventor Thomas Larson has just graduated from a course in Mechanical Engineering, he raised $44,000 on Kickstarter, when only asking for $5,000.

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Micro Phone Lens 15X Magnification, Easily Fits on the Camera Phone.

Smile with Coin, for Scale.  See Image Below for Magnification.

Smile Enlarged 15X.

Micro Phone Lens 15X Magnification Close up.

Trout Parasite.

Enlarged Coin.

Enlarged Fabric.

This is a prototype Lens 150X magnification with which Larson is having problems at the moment, hopefully sold in the near future.
The image is a speck of pollen.

Comments as above but this is an Onion magnification at 150X.

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