8 Sept 2013

Recycled Container House

To me this project shows how, scarcely utilised a potential asset like shipping containers are.  Yes there are small scale projects here and there that use containers, once they have reached the end of the life as maritime freight, but mainstream Architecture and Engineering have not really embraced these cheap building blocks to their full potential.  Architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe constructed a home in San Jose, Costa Rica, which was very inexpensive compared to traditional buildings, that allowed the owners to live debt free, without having to compromise with design and functionality.  The house allows for spectacular views thanks to the amount of glass used.

Perspective Floor Plan that shows the comfortable layout of the Container House.

Even though Garcia Saxe hasn't tried to cover the corrugations and hide its previous life as a container, the simple paint colours and the use of glass really give the building, a touch of class.

Solar panels on the roof, will provide free energy in a country with so much annual sun exposure.

Thee average yearly temperature in San Jose, ranges between a high of 30°C and low of 19°C.  The glazed roof section (made with scrap metal) between the containers provides enough ventilation not to require the air conditioning.

The tinted glass will keep those daytime temperatures down. If you wanted to make it look like a traditional construction house, you could use cladding or trellises with climbing plants to cover the corrugations.

Looking out the front door from the living area you wouldn't even know you are Standing in 2 containers.

Incredible amount of light coming from the windows all around and the ones on the raised roof area.

Another picture of the living area which gives a sneak peak to the spacious kitchen and the eating area in the background.

Corridor running down the centre of the house.

This is the edge of the living room looking at the Master bedroom.

Airy and bright with a minimalist design, the Master bedroom, with access to the back of the property.

Huge Bathtub with an incredible view (and no curtains).

Containers positioned on foundations.

Sketch showing the positioning of the containers.

Sun, Daytime positions in relation to the House.

Section view, to show the efficiency of the cross ventilation created by the raise roof portion.

Front entrance close up.

The Container House with the views.

Sunset (what more can I say).


  1. thank alot about this share, in think it very easy to built it and tobe comfortable whenever i live in this house

  2. Would like to create this same design for my home as well using containers. What do I processes do I need to take to replicate this

    1. You need to find an architect or a builder, that specialise in container homes. Then go and see then and get advice.
      I hope this helps, I hope you have a wonderful Thursday.


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