27 Oct 2013

Micro Apartment 17m²

Stunningly small Micro Apartment 182 square feet which is about 17m².  Steve Sauer and American Engineer made his storage room into a functional Apartment that includes a Toilet / Shower Room, Sunken Bath, Sleeping area, Kitchen, Working area,  2 separate sitting areas one for the TV and one for relaxing by the window.  Personally I think that in some cases the ingenuity of the idea was better than the execution.  All in all, very interesting and a lot of lessons can be learned from it.  The video in the article will explain all.  Filmed by Faircompanies

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Entrance to the Storage Area / Apartment.

In the Foreground, the WC / Shower room, in the Background the Dining area, TV area and above that, the entertaining area.

Better view of what was in the Background before.

The other Person would sit on the steps opposite Steve Sauer. The steps on the left lead to the Sleeping Area.

Here we see the Sleeping Area and the working area below it.

In my Opinion the finish of the Kitchen is one of the aspects of the Apartment, he really got right.

In front of the Front Door and next to the Kitchen is a small Sunken Bath normally covered by the panel.

WC, Shower and Basin, good proportions considering the size of the Apartment.  This room seems to have no door, which might be embarrassing if entertaining.

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