17 Nov 2013

Garage Apartment

French Photographer Jérémie Buchholtz was looking for an inexpensive Apartment in Bordeaux as he travels from there to Paris for work.  Buchholtz asked his friend and Architect, Matthieu de Marien to convert a small Garage situated in a private Mews Street. (Mews Houses used to house, Stables and Horses on the bottom floor and above, the habitation of the people that looked after them).  The Apartment is 41m² (441 square feet) with a 12m² (129 square foot) Open Patio.  Via Faircompanies.
Entrance to the Apartment.

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The Video is a bit long but it is worth seeing it.  Descriptions and Screen shots are below.

The frontage of the Garage as it was.

04-Kitchen-Dining-Area-and Patio-Photographer-Jérémie-Buchholtz-Bordeaux-Architect-Matthieu-de-Marien-Garage-Apartment-Mews-Street-www-designstack-co
Kitchen Dining Area and Open Patio.  The use of glass doors allows the maximum amount of light to enter the Apartment.

On the left the entrance to the Toilet / Shower Room and the Stairs to the Bed Area above.  On the right, the Living and Working Area.

Sofa Bed, with space below, that can be used when guests come and the Working Area.

This image shows the amount of Storage that the Apartment has and you can see by this image that the entire footprint of the Box is not being used that is because the toilet and Shower are inside it.  Have a look at the next picture.

Here you can see more clearly the stairs to the Bed Area and on the right just before the 1st step, is the entrance to the WC/Shower.

Close-up of the entrance to the WC/Shower.

You are now in the Wooden Box.  As you enter the WC/Shower Room, you have the sink and below that the Washing Machine and on the left of the picture you have the Shower and the WC.

The Bed Area is an open area, it is difficult to film as it is quite small.  It has a Skylight for extra light and ventilation and Cabinets that allow you to keep clothing, reading material, etc.

We have included this extra image as it shows that on a nice sunny day the Apartment lights up.

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