20 Nov 2013

Superheroes Part-Time Jobs

00-Front-Page-Illustrator-Chow-Hon-Lam-Superheroes-Part-Time Jobs-www-designstack-co
Malaysian Artist and Illustrator Chow Hon Lam creates these possible options for Superheroes in case their Film Franchises don't do too well.  All of the Superheroes use their powers to land their perfect jobs.

If you like this have a look at Movies & TV Shows Series as Cartoons.

01-Wolverine-The-Butcher-Illustrator-Chow-Hon-Lam-Superheroes-Part-Time Jobs-www-designstack-co
Wolverine The Butcher.

02-Thor-The-Blacksmith-Illustrator-Chow-Hon-Lam-Superheroes-Part-Time Jobs-www-designstack-co
Thor The Blacksmith.

03-Superman-The-Postman-Illustrator-Chow-Hon-Lam-Superheroes-Part-Time Jobs-www-designstack-co
Superman The Postman.

04-Spider-Man-The-Racquet-Maker-Illustrator-Chow-Hon-Lam-Superheroes-Part-Time Jobs-www-designstack-co
Spider Man The Racquet Maker.

05-The-Flash-Pizza-Delivery-Man-Illustrator-Chow-Hon-Lam-Superheroes-Part-Time Jobs-www-designstack-co
The Flash Pizza Delivery Man.

06-The-Human-Torch-Fantastic-Four-The-Rotisserie-Illustrator-Chow-Hon-Lam-Superheroes-Part-Time Jobs-www-designstack-co
The Human Torch - Fantastic Four - The Rotisserie.

07-Iron-Man-Ironing-Business-Illustrator-Chow-Hon-Lam-Superheroes-Part-Time Jobs-www-designstack-co
Iron-Man Ironing Business.

08-Batman-Does-Not-Want-To-Work-Illustrator-Chow-Hon-Lam-Superheroes-Part-Time Jobs-www-designstack-co
Batman Does Not Want To Work, Unlike Iron Man.

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