23 Dec 2013

iPad Hyper-realistic Portraits

UK based Visual Artist and Illustrator Kyle Lambert with a background in Oil Paintings, loves to combine Art, Technology and Storytelling to come up with these impressive Photo realistic Images.  We have included two videos, showing how he achieves these close likenesses.  For those thinking that because it was done on the iPad it is automatically more easy, he builds up the colours and the the light and shadows just like you would do if you were doing it on canvas or paper.  He has an impressive list of clients that include Apple, Adobe, BBC, CQ Magazine...
Once in the article you can enlarge the image by pressing it (not the first one).

Morgan Freeman.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Anne Boleyn.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Audrey Hepburn.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Beyoncé Knowles.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Jessica Alba.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

The Joker - Heath-Ledger - Dark Knight.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

09-Lisbeth-Salander-Rooney Mara-The-Girl-with-the-Dragon-Tattoo-Visual-Artist-Kyle-Lambert-iPad-Hyper-realistic-Portraits-www-designstack-co
Lisbeth Salander - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Played by Rooney Mara.
The next (2nd Film) instalment of the American series has been agreed.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Megan Fox.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Press the Image to Enlarge it.

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