1 Dec 2013

Swedish Micro House 12m²

Another Swedish Micro House, this is just 2m² larger than the Student Accommodation we featured not long ago.  This small house stands at 12m² which is about 129 square feet.  This house was built in Lund, with students in mind,  by the Lund's building foundation, AF Bostäder.  At the time this house was rented for $370 a month with average comparable new build charging $617 a month, for a smaller room area.  As it started as an experiment, the student/s moving in would have to agree to blog about their experiences.  Via The Local.

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Every View in these pictures has windows in it, dining area in the foreground with comfortable workspace and sleeping area in the background.

The hight of the ceiling will make this small house feel a lot bigger than it actually is, as recent studies have proven.

The dining area is very well lit with 2 windows on the back wall and two Skylights above.

Fully functioning kitchenette in the background with a better view of the Skylights.  It is a pity that no photos were taken of the Toilet / Shower, but floor plans below will give you a better Idea of the layout.

This is probably the only elevation that does not have a window on it, that is excluding the roof.  As you can see the money has gone on making it comfortable and liveable inside and not on ornamental features on the outside.  If you have a limited budget I think that is the right choice.

Simple and compact but includes all the essentials.

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