5 Jan 2014

Micro Spanish Vertical Flat 20m²

I call this Flat a Vertical one as it is reminiscent of the 2D platform games of the 80s where everything looks like it is in section.  MYCC Architects are the designers of this Micro Vertical Flat.  In order to understand the layout of this flat, you will have to look at the section provided in the article and I will walk you through the various rooms.  The flat is 2.1m wide (7feet) but has a total internal height of 4.8m (16feet).  The two pictures above show the entire flat, imagine standing in the middle of the sofa and taking one picture in one direction and the other one in the opposite.
Once in the article you can enlarge the image by pressing it (not the first one).

(Press the Image to Enlarge it.)
If you look at the the drawing you can divide the flat in the following Areas:
01. Flat Entrance 02. Kitchen Kitchen 03. Living Living Area, 04. Working Area 05. Bedroom Bedroom 06. Steps 07. Shower and WC 08. Bath 09. Storage Area.

View from the Back:
(Press the Image to Enlarge it.) 
This is the view from the back of the Flat to the front.  In the foreground you have the Living Area.  In the Background on the top level of this image you can see the Galley Kitchen with extra Cupboard space that can be used for Clothing and fold up Table and Chairs and more.  Further back is the Front Door.  Below that level on the left is the Toilet sink and the bath at the end.  You will see a better image below.  On the right is the shower and behind that is the plumbing and Hot Water Tank.

(Press the Image to Enlarge it.)
Here you get a better view of the room with the WC Sink and Bath. On the right of this picture, that has not been shown, is the shower and beyond that the plumbing.  The Bathroom is a bit strange for me as it seems to be open, at both ends, allowing no privacy from the living room.  From the other end, if you see the gap between the floor above and the top of the bath, you can see the Front door.  I don't know if there is some smart screening solution that I am not seeing but, there you go...

05-Living Work and Bed Areas-MYCC-Architects-Micro-Spanish-Vertical-Flat-20m²-www-designstack-co
Living Work and Bed Areas :
(Press the Image to Enlarge it.) 
From the the Living Area you can see on the level below the Bed Area and above that, accessible via a ladder the Work Area.  Beneath the living Area is storage pace that can be accessed by the Bedroom and the  Bathroom.

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