2 Feb 2014

Japanese Zen Forest House

It is amazing how a big thing like constructing a building can come from a chance purchase of a Brass Sink.  Brian Schulz who teaches how to build Kayaks by profession, found himself in a Recycle Centre where, an impulse buy saw him the new owner of this Brass Sink.  When trying to figure out what he was going to do with it he decided to build a house around it.  He was inspired by the traditional Japanese Minka home construction.  The house sits on an 18m2 (200 square foot) concrete pad.  Most of the items used for the build came from recycled sources within a 10 mile radius and it cost him about $11,000.  One of the most expensive items was the concrete foundation. The house has 1 bedroom, Kitchen, Living / Dining Area with a wood burning stove that takes care of the Heating and Cooking.  It seems to have running water but no electricity?  The toilet is in an outhouse next to the house.   Schulz says this project will never end, as there will always be something else to add.  Video with explanation in the Article.

It is quite a long video compared to the lengths we usually put but it is worth watching as it tells you more about Schulz personal philosophy and why he built the House.  Enjoy...

I think it wouldn't take to much to make properly liveable with access to electricity and  and minimal comforts. For the stage it is at though it is worth the $11,000 price tag it came with.

Tatami Raised Floor.
To be used as a Living / Dining Room.  This large open space can really used to suit a lot of different uses.

Cooker, Heating and bespoke Table.

Bedroom (Upstairs).
This is a really nice and spacious area.

Outhouse, Composting Toilet.
I am not sure why he built the Toilet outside the House as there are some very respectable indoor composting toilets,  that would really make a difference during a cold night.  As we said above Schulz does not see this as a finish project but as an ongoing one so hopefully he can, in time, provide better creature comforts for a more prolonged stay in the house.

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