23 Feb 2014

Micro French Renovation Flat 20m²

This is a very small flat at only 20m² and has as an added problem, its shape, it is long and thin.  That means that any solution you find might have drawbacks.  I am saying this because I don't think that the design maximises the usability of the flat, but I recognise that there might be no perfect solution.  This refurbishment is the work of Parisian Architects Betillon / Dorval‐Bory.  More comments under the pictures in the article.  Once in the article you can enlarge the image by pressing it (not the first one).

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Floor Plan:
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As you can see, as soon as you enter the flat you have the toilet on the right and then you have this really long kitchen and at the other end you have the Shower area, that takes up more than a 1/3 of the total length of the flat.  Above the Shower area you have the bed Area on a Mezzanine Floor.  I would have looked into moving the WC to where the shower area is, put the TV on the wall next to the entrance.  Diagonally opposite to it, I would have taken out some of the Kitchen cabinets an put a sofa.  As you can see from the pictures there is not real space for seating.

Axonometric View:
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If you use the plan as a reference you will see that in this 3D representation two of the walls have been moved out to allow you to get a better view of the flat.  I think that if you want to live in small houses or flats you have to make some compromises, you can't have layouts and furniture you would have in larger place.  Think of boat cabins where every space is maximised and every piece of furniture has more than one use.

Flat in its Original State:
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The smaller the space, the more you have to be inventive, finding furniture with dual or more uses.  Find a space out of the way for things you don't use regularly.  You have to be a minimalist, having loads of things and cluttering up your place is not the way to go with these flats.  See some space saving furniture:  Hanging Pick Chair and Foldable Furniture and Picture & Mirror Table and Kitchen Rotary and  Column Kitchen and Innovative All in One Toilet Concept.

Kitchen Bed Shower Areas:
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This Flat has two big windows in the middle of the apartment and one more in the WC that makes it nicely lit, with plenty of ventilation.  These flats are good for their present affordability but do not address the problem that homes are getting smaller and smaller and prices are going up further and further.

Stair and Shower Detail:
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Shower Area:
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From Back end Towards Front end:
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Bed Area:
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Dining Area :
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