27 Feb 2014

Puzzle Collages / Sculpture

A very different kind of Puzzle maker,  Gerhard Mayer constructs these huge pictures using pieces from multiple boxes.  As well as placing the pieces side by side, he stacks them over each other, giving the entire thing a more 3D feel.  It is only when you get closer that you see how they are put together.  We have put some close ups so that you appreciate the details.  To get the best effect, once in the article you can enlarge the image by pressing it (not the first one).

Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Press the Image to Enlarge it.

1 comment:

  1. wow...a puzzle from different puzzle pieces, nice :)


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