22 Mar 2014

Travel Photography of Lego

01-Beauty-in-Unexpected-Places-Logography-Andrew Whyte-www-designstack-co
These are the fantastic travel logs of the Lego Photographer.  These pictures were taken by British Photographer Andrew Whyte.  Clever and very well taken, most of these pictures, from @LongExposures' Logography collection, are taken from the perspective of his little model and collaborator, the Lego Man Photographer.  These are a sample from the collection and it includes his captions.  Let us know, in the comments at the end of the article, which one is your favourite and why.
Beauty in Unexpected Places.

02-Apocalyptic-Logography-Andrew Whyte-www-designstack-co

03-London-Routemaster-Logography-Andrew Whyte-www-designstack-co
London Routemaster.

04-London-Calling-Logography-Andrew Whyte-www-designstack-co
London Calling.

05-An-Eye-for-London-Logography-Andrew Whyte-www-designstack-co
An Eye for London.

06-Nostalgia-Logography-Andrew Whyte-www-designstack-co

07-Out-of-Luck-Logography-Andrew Whyte-www-designstack-co
Out of Luck.

08-Missing-Out-Logography-Andrew Whyte-www-designstack-co
Missing Out.

09-Sometimes-You've-Just-Gotta-Watch-Logography-Andrew Whyte-www-designstack-co
Sometimes You've Just Gotta Watch.

10-These-Summer-Evenings-Logography-Andrew Whyte-www-designstack-co
These Summer Evenings.

11-Ssshhhh-Logography-Andrew Whyte-www-designstack-co

12-The-Apprentice-Logography-Andrew Whyte-www-designstack-co
The Apprentice.

13-Yell-Ow-Logography-Andrew Whyte-www-designstack-co
Yell Ow!!!

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