20 Apr 2014

Recycled Affordable Architecture - Shipping Containers

Real estate broker and Crossroads volunteer Jeff White was inspired by the temporary shelter a Homeless lady (Sarah), in San Francisco, constructed and that is why this container construction carries her name "The Sarah House".  These are some of the Stats:  The house is built using 2 containers, each one measures, 40 feet (12m) long 8 feet (2.4m) wide and 9 feet 6 inches (2.9m) high.  The house is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and measures 672 square feet (62.4m²). This one to two Bedroom House, is on the market for $135.000 (on the video he says his price range should be $108.000 to $112.000) you can only buy it if you are on low income.  There is more information and a Video in the Article.  To get the best effect, once in the article you can enlarge the image by pressing it (not the first one).

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In the video below Jeff White goes through all of the problems he faced when he started this project prejudice (from some Architects that dismiss containers as they are a cheap a readily available shell for the building), lack of understanding, and limited knowledge that accompany this kind of construction.  With regards to this last point, White is convinced he can save money if he repeats the process, as he is not going to make the same mistakes, plus quicker ways of doing things will make the project cheaper.  The land cost was $40,000, Service like water electrics and sewer came to around $25.000, if we understand correctly it cost about $8.200 for the containers delivered and positioned on site.  Fixtures and fittings (Appliances, flooring toilets Kitchen, insulation...) are not costed, but it is designed to be simple and inexpensive.

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Below are the pictures of the various rooms in the House, the bedroom is the only room we only have a partial for, we have the cupboard.  If you have looked at the video you will have not seen the room but we are told by White that it is not that large as its function is, a place to sleep in and not spend time in.

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On this site we have written about a lot of different types of constructions and all have their positives and negatives, one thing I think we have shown is that a Home doesn't have to be necessarily unaffordable / expensive and that an affordable House doesn't have to be rubbish.  Have a look at our Folders on the left Architecture Architecture Micro and Architecture Interesting to see what we are talking about.

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