25 May 2014

Dome House Design for $9,000

This project started in 2011, the house was up and painted in 6 weeks and cost $6,000 (It took a few more weeks to so the landscaping and all the finishings internal and external that cost an extra $3,000).  The structure was built by Steve Areen and two of his friends, with concrete blocks and clay bricks.  This home was built in Thailand, we are going to go into more detail about the construction in the article.  There you will also find a video showing the exterior and the interior of the finished house.  We have created an Animated Gif that shows various stages of construction.

Front Entrance:
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His friend Hajjar Gibran  and his wife offered  Areen a plot of land on their Mango farm.  Then  Gibran and his son in law Tao  helped  Areen with the design and construction of the house.  Amazing friends to have...  Areen now wishes that he had used compressed earth blocks  instead of using the concrete blocks, to make a greener structure.

Night View:
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As we have said, the House was built in Thailand where the weather is more uniform without huge temperature swings between hot and cold.  This is why as, Areen said, there were no considerations for things like insulation.  The prices for construction materials are also cheaper than what you would normally find in the the west, but it still makes the point that homes in the west are too expensive.

Animation Construction Images:
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As you can see the three workers adopt simple but very effective methods to ensure precise positioning of the blocks that give the domes a very smooth finish.  Hajjar Gibran  now runs building workshops in Thailand where you will get hands on experience with:  Design elements, Foundation requirements, Compressed Earth Brick making, Brick laying made easy, Stucco, Electrical and plumbing installation, Basic Welding, Bent steel forms for windows and doors, Making multi faceted skylights, Introduction to cellular concrete and more!

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We have proven with quite a few of our articles that the constructions of houses is not necessarily the expensive part of the process, that title goes to the land cost and there isn't much you can do about it, unless you are prepared to move to either a cheaper country or to an area which is not densely populated.  Construction cost are coming down and will keep going down as the industry becomes more efficient, but we have the feeling that as they go down, the land prices will keep rising, making affordable housing a loosing battle.  Sorry for the bleak view, but that seems to be the trend, lets hope something is done to stop this from happening.

Sitting Room.
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Pond in front of the sitting room.
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Roof 1.
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Roof 2.
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Roof 3.
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Roof 4.
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Side View.
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Front View.
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