3 May 2014

Recycle Plastic Bottle Wall Art

00-Front-Page-Co2nscience-Stuart-Jones- Stretcher-Print-www-designstack-co
We are not suggesting that this product resolves the problem with plastic bottles, but it is a start, to make people more aware of the amount of bottles that we produce for a single use per purchase. “Stretcher Print” is a product from company Co2nscience, who recycle plastic bottles to make printable elastic canvases.  You can choose a stock Photo or Upload one of your own (they are not operational as yet, they should be up and running by July 2014).  We have included a chart of the various sizes and shapes they produce and how many bottles it takes to achieve that size canvas (you will have to enlarge the image to be able to read it, just press the image).  We have included @Co2nscience's Kickstarter Video campaign, that tells you a bit more about the process and the product.  What do you think of the product and what they are trying to achieve?  Please use comment section below.

02 Sizes-Co2nscience-Stuart-Jones- Stretcher-Print-www-designstack-co
Print Sizes.
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04-The-Pioneer-Co2nscience-Stuart-Jones- Stretcher-Print-www-designstack-co
The Pioneer.
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05-The-Adventurer-Co2nscience-Stuart-Jones- Stretcher-Print-www-designstack-co
The Adventurer.
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06-The-Stargazer-Co2nscience-Stuart-Jones- Stretcher-Print-www-designstack-co
The Stargazer.
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07-The-Explorer-Co2nscience-Stuart-Jones- Stretcher-Print-www-designstack-co
The Explorer.
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