20 Jul 2014

Everyday Life in a Model

American Artist Alan Wolfson sculpts these incredible realistic models of small portions of the world we live in and frequent every day.  His models are built 1inch = 1foot scale, not everything he constructs has a counterpart in the real world, but when does replicate, he takes a lot of reference pictures to capture the essence of the place he is going to reproduce, down to the posters and lighting (Placement and access to lighting is very important for maintenance).  He never goes out to buy a finished detail, he constructs everything himself using plastic, wood, cardboard, paper and various types of metal.  On average it takes Wolfson between 3 to 9 months to construct one of his models, depending on the difficulty (like lighting) and the level of detail in the piece.  More information in the Article.  We have included 2 Animated Gifs for some of the models, and some of the images can be enlarged just look out for the prompt below them.

Katz's Delicatessen (Animation).

You have probably noticed, no people in the the scenes... The reason Wolfson gives for this, is that your attention would go to the person straight away and you would be able to tell that the scene is not real.  In a way the absence makes a more personal experience for the viewer, as they can fill it with their imagination or their past.  The models contain everything people leave around on a daily basis like rubbish in the street, graffiti, half eaten food in the diners, this sets the scene for your imagination to run with.  You can also approach it as a reconstruction of the scene, like they do on CSI for example, given what is left over, can you tell what might have been going on earlier?

Don't Miss the other Animation below.

Katzs Delicatessen.
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Canal Street Cross-Section (Animation).

04-Canal Street Cross-Section-Alan-Wolfson-Everyday-Life-in-a-Model-www-designstack-co
Canal Street Cross-Section.
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Alan Wolfson.
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Burgers - Franks.
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Hopp's Luncheonette.
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Lor-Al Diner.
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Lucky Sevens Casino.
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Miss America Diner.
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Nathan's Coney Island.
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Rialto Cinema.
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Terminal Diner.
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