29 Jul 2014

Hyper-Realistic Paintings of the Past

Incredibly talented South Korean Artist Joongwon Charles Jeong recreates these hyper realistic paintings from images, live models and marble statues.  We have included three examples of Jeong creating paintings from pictures he took of marble busts, centuries old.  His tones and and attention to detail are beautifully realistic.  Once in the article you can enlarge the image by pressing it (not the first one).  See the comments & history below the images.  Enjoy...

Costanza Bonarelli.
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(comment form artist) I met this 17th-century lady, Costanza Bonarelli, at Bargello museum on my trip to Florence last winter. Both the photograph and the painting don't do her justice. She looks much more beautiful in person.

Homer - Detail.
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Homer 9th-century b.c, Greek poet.

Michael Finneran - Charcoal & Pastel on Toned Paper.
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Sir McKellen Acrylic paint on canvas.
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Self Portrait - Acrylic on Canvas.
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Painting of Grandpa.
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Sigmund Freud - Acrylic on Canvas.
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The Story of Giuliano.
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Giuliano de' Medici was a little brother to Lorenzo the Magnificent, the great ruler of Florence during the Italian Renaissance.

The Story of Giuliano Detail.
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Story of Seneca.
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Lucius Annaeus Seneca was a Roman Stoic philosopher,statesman and dramatist.

Yun Hyung-ju - Korean folk legend.
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