10 Jul 2014

Poker Cards Illustrated by 54 Top Artists

Illustrating every card in the pack was an idea of company Digital Abstracts.  It originally started as a crowd funding campaign on KickStarter (where they were asking for about $5,100 and were given about $34,000)  This project managed to get amazingly talented Designers and Illustrators from all around the world to contribute towards this venture.  We have created Gif Animations for easier viewing and we listed all the Artists and their links below the image.  The cards are still for sale on their site, meanwhile you can enjoy the Art.  Have you got a favourite? let us know in the comment section below the Article.

Ace of Hearts - by Mr Kone
Ace of Diamonds - by Jordan Debney
Ace of Clubs - by Andreas Preis
Ace of Spades - by Iain Macarthur

2 of Hearts - by Peter Tarka
2 of Diamonds - by YemaYema
2 of Clubs - by Tang Yau Hoong
2 of Spades - by Mattias Adolfsson

3 of Hearts - by Mercedes deBellard
3 of Diamonds - by Carne Griffiths
3 of Clubs - by Fernando Chamarelli
3 of Spades - by Teagan White

4 of Hearts - by Ruben Ireland
4 of Diamonds - by Peter Olschinsky
4 of Clubs - by Muti
4 of Spades - by Serial Cut

5 of Hearts - by Aitch
5 of Diamonds - by Fab Ciraolo
5 of Clubs - by Valerie Ann Chua
5 of Spades - by Musketon

6 of Hearts - by Javier Medellin Puyou
6 of Diamonds - by VASAVA
6 of Clubs - by Tobias van Schneider
6 of Spades - by Fernando Volken Togni

7 of Hearts - by Felix LaFlamme
7 of Diamonds - by Matt W Moore
7 of Clubs - by Krzysztof CHKN Nowak
7 of Spades - by Muxxi

8 of Hearts - by Raul Urias
8 of Diamonds - by Jthree Concepts
8 of Clubs - by El Grand Chamaco
8 of Spades - by Gary Fernández

9 of Hearts - by Carlos Lerma
9 of Diamonds - by Pirecco
9 of Clubs - by Chuck Anderson
9 of Spades - by Anton Repponen

10 of Hearts - by Caramelaw
10 of Diamonds - by Lei Melendres
10 of Clubs - by Hey
10 of Spades - by Bicicleta Sem Freio

Jack of Hearts - by Steve Simpson
Jack of Diamonds - by Newfren
Jack of Clubs - by Bakea
Jack of Spades - by Seb Niark1

Queen of Hearts - by Conrad Roset
Queen of Diamonds - by Agnes-Cecile
Queen of Clubs - by Ise Ananphada
Queen of Spades - by David Mack

King of Hearts - by Sara Blake ZSO
King of Diamonds - by Saturno THE CREATTER
King of Clubs - by James White
King of Spades - by Yulia Brodskaya

Joker 1 - by Mike Friedrich
Joker 2 - by Joshua Davis

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