19 Aug 2014

Typewriter Robot Sculptures

00-Jeremy Mayer-Typewriter-Robot-Sculptures-www-designstack-co
American Sculptor Jeremy Mayer uses all the components of typewriters to create these mechanical creatures.  He describes his mode of construction as cold assembly, he uses no soldering no welding and no gluing and only uses parts from typewriters for his sculptures.  The majority of machines he gets are unusable and does not clean the components when he reassembles them in his creations, as he feels it adds more character to the finish product.  When a typewriter is disassembled, the components are sorted by colour and size so that it becomes easier for Mayer, to use every element in the right place in the sculpture.

01-Jeremy Mayer-Typewriter-Robot-Sculptures-www-designstack-co

02-Jeremy Mayer-Typewriter-Robot-Sculptures-www-designstack-co

03-Jeremy Mayer-Typewriter-Robot-Sculptures-www-designstack-co

04-Jeremy Mayer-Typewriter-Robot-Sculptures-www-designstack-co

05-Jeremy Mayer-Typewriter-Robot-Sculptures-www-designstack-co

06-Jeremy Mayer-Typewriter-Robot-Sculptures-www-designstack-co

07-Jeremy Mayer-Typewriter-Robot-Sculptures-www-designstack-co

08-Jeremy Mayer-Typewriter-Robot-Sculptures-www-designstack-co

09-Jeremy Mayer-Typewriter-Robot-Sculptures-www-designstack-co

10-Jeremy Mayer-Typewriter-Robot-Sculptures-www-designstack-co

11-Jeremy Mayer-Typewriter-Robot-Sculptures-www-designstack-co

12-Jeremy Mayer-Typewriter-Robot-Sculptures-www-designstack-co

13-Jeremy Mayer-Typewriter-Robot-Sculptures-www-designstack-co

14-Jeremy Mayer-Typewriter-Robot-Sculptures-www-designstack-co

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