7 Oct 2014

Animator vs. Animation IV - Drawing

Alan Becker Started creating animations as a hobby and produced the "Animator vs. Animation" series.  He began, when he was quite young, when he reached the third set of animations he decided he wanted to do this professionally.  He thought that if he was going to do it full time, he would have to get a paycheck to allow him to dedicate enough time on it.  He started a Kickstarter campaign, achieving his goal of financing his project and has now released the latest in his series, Animator vs. Animation IV.  The video is 13 minutes long and it is worth watching all of it without skipping, as the animation tells a story and you might miss important portions of it.  We have added "Animator vs. Animation" animations 1, 2, and 3 in case you have not seen them.

Animator vs. Animation IV.

Animator vs. Animation III.

Animator vs. Animation II.

Animator vs. Animation I.

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