19 Oct 2014

Shipping Containers - Eco-Home in the Hamptons

6 Shipping Containers come together to form a home, comprised of: 4 bedroom 2 bathroom + Kitchen and Living room on the first floor totalling 2,000 square feet (186 m2).  The house comes with a 1,300 square feet (121 m2) exterior deck area, that includes a small swimming pool. The Eco-Home also called "The Beach Box", is set in the Hamptons in the US and is the project of Andrew Anderson, who acquired the six containers (8 x 20 feet) (2.4m x 6m) from New York based SG Blocks.  The value of this development was set at $1.395 million, the fact that it is in the Hamptons and it is 600 feet (183m) from the ocean, might have something to do with the price tag.  Much more information on the video and images below below.

Plenty more information on here.

Front View.
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Side View.
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Ground Floor.
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First Floor.
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Master Bedroom.
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Kitchen And Dining Room.
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Living Room.
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Outside Shower.
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