23 Nov 2014

Architecture Details in Large Scale Drawings

Ben Tolman is one of those Artist that creates very large drawings and crams them with details.  The ones above are Ink on Paper, each measuring 50x78in (1.3x2m).  It poses a certain amount of difficulty, trying to show such large drawings when we have such limited space on this page.  We have chosen 3 ways to bring you these drawings, first, we have included a video of the Suburbs drawing, to give you a taste of the amount of detail Tolman injects in to it. We have added 2 Animated GIFs, where we have taken the drawings City and Trash and split them like a puzzle, for you to see at a bigger scale.  The last 2, Rhinoceros and Suburbs can be enlarged by pressing the images. Enjoy these amazing drawings.

Ink on Paper 50 x78 in (1.3 x 2m)
See below for enlarged sections in the Animated GIF.

City. (GIF)
25 images make up this Animated GIF
Please give it time to load.

Ink on Paper 40 x 26in (1m x 66cm)
See below for enlarged sections in the Animated GIF.

Trash. (GIF)
16 images make up this Animated GIF
Please give it time to load.

Ink on Paper 30 x 40in (76cm x 1m)
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Ink on Paper 50 x 78in (1.3 x 2m)
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

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