2 Nov 2014

Ark Hotel Architecture Reaching for the Future

Alexander Remizov from Russian firm Remistudio designed, with a strong input from the International Union of Architects program, Architecture For Disaster Relief.  When designing this structure Remizov had two considerations:  Humans need to be protected from some aspects of Nature and Nature needs to be protected from some aspects of Humanity.  This is a proposed building that is as comfortable on land as it is on the oceans.  It is designed to be self sufficient and is what is called, a closed functioning cycle, where food, energy, water and clean air are produced and the waste is recycled and put to use. If you choose to enlarge the images, remember to come out of the enlarged view to see more information about the Ark Hotel under the pictures.

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The external structure is provided by timber arches kept in tension by steel ropes and is covered by Ethyl TetraFluoroEthylene (ETFE) which is a strong highly transparent foil, self-cleaning, recyclable, more durable, more economical and lighter than glass.

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The metal profiles, absorb and provide heating for the water and serve as gutters to collect rain water.  Solar, wind, and thermal power are in constant production, to make sure that the complex is never lacking a source of energy, at any time.  The thermal power is derived by the surrounding ground or water, depending on whether, it is on land or at sea.

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Because of its shape and ability to float, this building is earthquake and flood proof.  If the trend of climate change continues, it makes The Arc well placed to withstand some of the problems in the future.  The current pressures on our planet and on the life, living on it, is forcing people everywhere to begin finding ways of conserving and recycling, living more in tune with everything around us, that can't be a bad thing.

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Remizov describes the approach to planting, on The Arc, this way, "All the plants were chosen according to principles of compatibility, illumination and efficiency in oxygen production, becoming also a valuable element in an effort to create an attractive and comfortable living space".

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Interior Spaced and Bedrooms.

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