11 Jan 2015

How To Draw Manga - Video Classes

American Artist Mark Crilley upon he graduation, took a series of jobs teaching English in the Far East, Taiwan and Japan.  Japan is where he got the inspiration for his Manga series and the, how to draw, Manga videos we are going to feature today.  The last video is How to Draw Elsa from "Frozen".  These videos are a bit longer that we usually have and that is because, even though Crilley uses some time lapse, he does a lot of explaining.  If you are somebody that wants to learn this style of drawing, we would suggest that you draw as you watch the video stopping and starting it, to keep up with it.  In this post you will learn very useful information, on how to set up guide lines, facial expressions, drawing hands, body proportions, shading, line work and much more.

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Narrated Drawing Class Videos

How to Draw a Manga Face: 3 Different Angles

How to Draw Manga: Head Shape & Facial

How to Draw Manga Facial Expressions Joy, Embarrassment

How to Draw a "Realistic" Manga Face pt. 1: Line Placement

How to Draw a "Realistic" Manga Face pt. 2: Shading

How to Draw Hands, 2 Different Ways

How to Draw Hands, 2 Different Ways

How to Draw Manga Boy's Hair: Shading

How to Draw Glasses

How To Draw Manga Female Body Proportions

How to Draw a Manga Girl with Headphones

How to Draw a Bad Guy, Manga Style

How to Draw Sebastian from Black Butler

How to Draw Elsa from "Frozen"

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