24 Jan 2015

Self-contained Architecture, Apartments, Market, Shops, Catering, Parking

This is the Markthal in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, it opened its doors in October 2014 and combines an enclosed Market, Accommodation / Apartments, Shops and Catering and Car Parking.  There is too much to put into this first part of the post, so we will list the numerous facts and specifications here and go into more detail further in the post, below.  There is a Video, GIF Animations and more Information that will hopefully give you a fuller picture.  Here goes, the Markthal contains 100 booths with fresh products, 15 Food Shops, 8 restaurants, 10 Storey 228 apartments and 1,200 parking places.  The internal wall is covered by the biggest painting in the world.  It is the first indoor market in Rotterdam and it is open 7 days a week till 20.00.  More below...

Short time-lapse video of the construction and a view of the internal pace.

Markthal Section:
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This is a section through the entire structure that shows how the different parts are used and occupied.
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The Market:
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The market encompasses everything food related you can want, 100 booths with fresh products fresh fish, warm bread, tender meat, countless different cheeses and freshly harvested vegetables. 8 Restaurants and cafes on the ground floor and the first floor, a supermarket and a spacious car park in the basement.  Away from the elements, with temperature controls and a distinctive feel of being out in the open, thanks to the enormous glass ends.  Markthal have made sure there is a healthy mix of producers so that every need of the customers is met.  There is a floor dedicated to refrigeration, food preparation and deliveries, which is separate from the parking space.  The indoor market is set right next to the countries biggest outdoor market.  The two have been designed to interact and not compete with each other.

Markthal Market (animation)
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Markthal Ground Floor Plan (part 1)
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Markthal Ground Floor Plan (part 2)
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There are 228 apartments, they start from the second floor and up-words, spanning both sides of the building.  They come in varying sizes, shapes and number of rooms, from 82 m2 (About 883 square feet) to 300 m2 (About 3,229 square feet) and come in three, four or five bedrooms Apartments, culminating with the 24 penthouses in the top arch.  Parking is provided in the complex and transport is readily available just outside.  There is a balanced mix of flats to rent and flats to buy, to accommodate different requirements of the residents.  Because of the central position and the height of the building, these flats have beautiful and interesting vies over Rotterdam.

Markthal Living (animation)
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Markthal Shops and Catering:
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In this Building, you get to choose different options, you can buy produce and cook it yourself or you can just go and eat in one of the 8 restaurants, from a Moroccan eating house to an Italian trattoria, or one of the numerous shops where you can get wine, a coffee or tea and a kitchen accessory shop. The Markthal is welcoming of any businesses that provide a service that entails eating or drinking. Besides food, there are space for plants and flowers.  The fist floor contains a cooking school "The World of Flavour", which is open to families, school classes or office colleagues on an activity night out.  The learning revolves around fresh food preparation and healthy eating and every one is welcome to join.

Markthal Shops and Catering (animation)
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Markthal Parking (animation):
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1,200 parking places that service the residents, the people working in the Markthal and the visitors.

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