14 Feb 2015

Alice in Wonderland Rescue Animal Photographs

This is a touching story that covers Italian animal rescue charity, La Collina dei Conigli ONLUS (The Rabit Hill).  To celebrate their 10th anniversary, they decided to make a calendar with an Alice in Wonderland as their theme, as the first animal they took in was a white rabbit.  La Collina dei Conigli, consists of a volunteer work force, that take in animals that were used in lab experiments or neglected, rehabilitates them and then re-homes them.  Most of the animals they take in are rabbits, mice, rats, gerbils and guinea pig. Not only do they have to take care of the animals physical injuries and or disabilities, but once in the rescue centre they have to gain the trust of these little animals and show them that people can be a source of affection, attention and can be trusted, only once this is accomplished, a permanent home can be found for them. via boredpanda.
If you want to read the Italian site and don't read Italian, you can use Google page translate to view it in the language of your choice.  If you want to support them and buy this year's calendar or any of previous ones, you can write to one of the 2 emails below.  The calendars contain more information about the animals. NB. We don't know if they come in other languages other than Italian, it might be worth asking.


The Cater Mouse.
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Giuseppe Rossi was rescued by the Italian charity together with dozens of other mice after their lab finished testing. If La Collina dei Conigli had not saved them, they would have been put to sleep / Killed.

Curiouser and Curiouser.
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The Queen of Hearts.
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Through the Looking-Glass.
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Pet rabbit Nilo was found abandoned, with rear legs paralyzed. Luckily, appropriate care and rehabilitation allowed him to stand and jump again.

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Cheshire Rats.
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Crazy Run.
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Eat me, Drink me.
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Nissa the pet rabbit was rescued from a bad case of mistreatment. She was safe when she gave birth to mini-me Matteo.

Artistic Rat.
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10-The Dormouse-La-Collina-dei-Conigli-ONLUS-Alice-in-Wonderland-Rescue-Animal-Photographs-www-designstack-co
The Dormouse.
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This little mouse was destined to become snake food.
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The March Hare.
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Indiana Jane is so tiny that she fell off a truck full of rabbits destined for the meat market. We guess that her mother and siblings were on that truck too.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee.
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Card Game.
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Down The Rabbit Hole.
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The White Rabbit.
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Console Marcello is a New Zealand rabbit used in lab testing, as you can guess from the number tattooed on his ear. He’s still looking for a lovely home.

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