3 Feb 2015

Micro Architecture ex Laundry Boiler Room 8.6m²

After graduating as an architect, Christi Azevedo from Azevedo Design inc, decided to focus more on fabrication, rather than design.  She used her own place to experiment with materials like wood and steel, gaining knowledge of how to put together a construction project on a budget.  She is very committed to green values, that can be seen in this renovation of an old Laundry Boiler Room, which has now been transformed into a full service guest apartment.  The footprint of the building measures 8'-2" (2.4m) x 11'-6" (3.5m) which adds up to approximately 93 square feet (8.6m²). More information below...

Ground Floor:

The interior has a deliberate minimalist look, which together with the use of a mezzanine floor, gives a more spacious look and non claustrophobic, for its size.  The building has a lot of glass to make sure that it is as light and airy as possible.  The ground floor has a full size kitchen, three seater couch with a dining / kitchen table.  There are cushions that can positioned at the bottom of the ladder to create more seating if necessary.  See the picture above.


Kitchen and Living Area.

Mezzanine Floor:

A metal ladder leads to the mezzanine floor where we have a dressing area, with built-in walnut wardrobe and drawers,  the bathroom comes with a 42" (1m²) square bath, a toilet, sink and medicine cabinet, the room functions as a wet-room (you can shower in it, with the water flowing through the floor drain). The upper floor has a full sized queen bed which comes with plenty of storage and book shelves.

Shower and Bathroom.

Brick House Front View.

Brick House and Surroundings.

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