5 Feb 2015

Solar Kinetic Miniature Sculptures in a Glass Goblet

Polish Engineer and Artist Szymon Klimek constructs fantastically detailed miniature sculptures.  From all the ones he has done, we have chosen the kinetic, moving ones and what better way of showing them, than video?  We have included six of them plus images to give you a better feel for the beauty of these small machines.  They are powered by electric or natural light and made of very thin brass sheets.  Klimek fits them in a goblet which he tops with a transparent sheet to keep them protected and to make sure they are dust free.  When watching the video you will see that, as well as the movement of the machine, the goblet is turned to show a 360 degree view of the sculpture and all of its details.  Amazing work...

GĄBKA (Sponge)1.

KRYSZTAŁ Z NAUTILUSA ( Crystal from Nautilus).

Mechaniczny Ptak 2.

FORTUNE Bogactwo.

Dafnia Sennych Wód.

Big Duża.

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