17 Mar 2015

Carbon Positive Sustainable Architecture

Prefabricated buildings with a carbon positive (The house produces more power / electricity than it uses) footprint by ArchiBlox. The images above and below show the building unveiled in Australia.  The section below shows a bit more about how the system works.  The double glazing and south facing sun room, act as a buffer, trapping the heat that is removed by the ventilations system.  This barrier keeps the bedroom /s and the living room cool.  At the end of the page you can find the 4 different types of homes they offer, including prices and sizes.

Section and Inner Workings.
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Show home.
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Sun Room.
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Kitchen and Living Room + Sun Room.
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Living Room.
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House Type 1.
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House Type 2.
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House Type 3.
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House Type 4.
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