2 Mar 2015

CoeLux Natural Illusion - Sky and Sun in a Led Light

CoeLux is an amazing system based on nano technology, that is meant to trick your eyes and your brain into thinking that it looking at a skylight with the sun and sky inside. This Led Light can be used for any space that does not have access to natural lighting or, is in a country where the sun in small supply.  Principal uses include: shopping malls, stores, offices, fitness centres, hotels, museums, hospitals, underground system / Metro.  We left housing last because, although the system costs about $61,000 to buy and $7,600 to install and would be out of the reach of most, it wouldn't be out of the reach of multi million dollar houses or buildings.
These constructions located in big cities are restricted by planning constrictions and are looking at subterranean expansion as a solution to not being able to go higher.  Like all technology if it proves to be successful and delivers in a way the population finds a need for, the price will come down significantly in time, maybe becoming the norm, one day.

The sun has different qualities and different angles in respect to the earth, around the world.  These different profiles can be replicated with this system.  Below are the three sets that are familiar to the part of the world you live in.
Nordic which shines at 30°, characteristics include: warmer, more lateral light.
Mediterranean which shines at 45°, characteristics include:medium and balanced.
Tropical which shines at 60°, characteristics include: brightness, cooler, high contrast.

Nordic Sun.

There has been a correlation, in studies, between the amount of sunlight a person is subjected to and the state of mind of that individual.  That is why in the winter, when the days are shorter and sunny days are not as abundant as in the summer, people tend to feel less happy, less energised.  It would be nice to think that, in the near future, with this system, we would be able to top us up, when needed.  These are not computer renderings, they are the real thing and they have not been retouched in Photoshop.

Mediterranean Sun.

Tropical Sun.


Bathroom 2.


Closet / Changing Room.



Gallery 2.

Gallery 3.

Photo Studio.

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