4 Mar 2015

Micro Architecture and the cost of Living

Beijing vagabond, this is what immigrants in the city are called.  People that do not have a permanent residence, are poor and are in low paid jobs.  Dai Haifei, 24 graduated from collage, is now working in an Architectural Firm and built himself this small habitation for less than $1,000 Height 6.5 feet (2m) - Length 10 feet (3m) - Width 6.5 feet (2m).  He tried to rent in a very crowded house but ran out of money, his new home does not allow him to save much, but something is better than nothing and it is a lot better, he says that it is in his home town.  His tiny home was woven with bamboo and held in place with nails. Beyond the bamboo, there are layers of insulation and waterproofing. Most of the thermal insulation, (that turns out not to be much) is provided by sacks stuffed with sawdust and grass seed. In the spring, will grow making the home more visually acceptable.  Solar panes on the outside provide some electricity.  More information below.  Via sina If you like this have a look at "Architecture and the underground Rat Tribe Inhabitants"

The home contains a single bed, shelves for books and water tank at the foot of the bed.  He uses the water for washing and drinking, on average it lasts 3 days, it is the replenished from his place of work.  Haifei says that when it gets cold the temperature inside of his home it is not much different to the outside.

The design was taken form one of the concept drawings from his company, Haifei then built himself. He constructed it in his home town and transported it to the his company where he got permission to keep it in their compound.

Even though they are old his parents are still working hard to provide him with money for when he gets married. He says "what they don't know is that with the level of their wages it would take them 2 to 300 years to be able to afford a place in Beijing.

During the day he works and studies at the company, at night he retreats to his modest home.  When asked, Haifei does not recognise this as hardship, he is very pragmatic and focused on his future.





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