8 Apr 2015

How to Spray Paint Stencil Portraits

Kaleb Higgins is a talented street artist that shows us how to stencil portraits or buildings.  By looking at the videos below, you can see how he divides the features of the face on different stencils, the same way, when he starts painting the Los Angeles Theatre Stencil, he puts details, background, shadows on different stencil.  There should be enough there to pick up the basics to this art form.  Enjoy trying it out...

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Gene Wilder Stencil (Willy Wonka).

Los Angeles Theater Stencil.

Frank Sinatra Stencil.

Greta Garbo Stencil.

John Cusack Stencil.

Fred Astaire Stencil.

Billie Holiday Stencil.

Gene Kelly Stencil.

Jimmy Stewart Stencil.

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