6 Jul 2015

Candy, Nail Polish and Toothpaste for Sculptures and Paintings

Cristiam Ramos is one of those gifted artist that will make art with whatever you give him, or whatever comes to hand.  Thanks to the innovative materials he uses in his art, he was included in "Ripley's Believe it or not".  We have divided the categories of materials in 4 parts: Sweet Candy Art, Nail Polish Art, Sculpture Art and Toothpaste Art.  We have also added, 4 videos below, to show you just how Ramos constructs and works on his art.  More information about the various materials used in Ramos' art below.

Marilyn Monroe Candy Video.

Robin Williams Toothpaste Video.

Superman Recycled Can Video.

Captain America Sculpture Video.

Beyonce Knowles 5000 Candies.

Each piece has an average of 5,000 pieces of candy that include: gummy bears candy, licorice of different types and flavors, gum, hard candies, mints, sweet tarts candy, etc... 

Elvis Presley - 5000 Candies.

Michael Jackson - 5000 Candies.

Marilyn Monroe - 5000 Candies.

Lady Gaga - 5000 Candies.

Sandra Bullock - 7000 Candies.

Justin Bieber - 5000 Candies.

1 to 1 Motorcycle - 20,000 Candies.
This sculpture was awarded a world record for being the only one 1 to 1 size motorcycle made with candy and another, for having been made, by more than 20,000 pieces of candy.

A Sunday on La Grande Jatte - Georges Seurat.

Nail Polish Art.
These paintings were painted with nail polish only, this unique aspect was the reason they were featured on Ripley's Believe it or not.  On average, 30 bottles of mail polish were used for each Painting.

Bathers at Asnières - by Georges Seurat.
Nail Polish Art.

Marylin Monroe.
Nail Polish Art.

Mona Lisa - La Gioconda - by Leonardo da Vinci.
Nail Polish Art.

Vincent Van Gogh.
Nail Polish Art.

Nail Polish Art.

Captain America.

Sculpture Art.
​"COMICS" ​Contains more than 80 sculptures and paintings of both, Dc and Marvel comics.  The piece was achieved by sculpting clay and painted with oil and acrylic.  As you can see the sculpture is full size. More about it in the video above.

Robin Williams.

Toothpaste Art.
From the artist "I wanted to do the works in toothpaste as this is associated with your best smile and these artists who perform in their field have left us a deep smile and a moment of happiness."

Miley Cyrus.
Toothpaste Art.

Emma Watson
Toothpaste Art.

Elton John.
Toothpaste Art.

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