14 Jul 2015

Personalise your Coffee with Images and Text

Ripple Maker is the culmination of all the coffee art that we have seen in the past, some of which we have featured here on Design Stack (links below, in the post).  Most of the past drawings were made by hand or by machine with limited scope for diversity of imagery.  There is a video below that will explain all of the features of the machine.  To sum them up the owner of the machine can use a bank of drawings provided with the machine, to which he or she can add their own drawings or  photos.  The beauty is that the customers can get in on the act as well, by uploading their own pictures.  Imagine the cafĂ© owner can print on your coffee any specials the have going on at the time, as well as any message they want.

Links to more Coffee Art below:
2D & 3D Latte

Coffee Latte Image Printer 

Introducing the Ripple Video.

The Ripples Video.

Frida Kahlo Ripple.










Links to more Coffee Art below:
2D & 3D Latte

Coffee Latte Image Printer

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