23 Oct 2015

Plastic Surgery using the Fibonacci Sequence

00-Igor-Kochmala-Plastic-Surgery-using-the Fibonacci-Sequence-www-designstack-co
Russian Designer Igor Kochmala came up with a photo manipulation formula to create plastic surgery models based on the the mathematical formula of the Fibonacci sequence.  This formula pre-dates the 1200's and it is achieved by having the numbers 1 and 1, or 0 and 1 as a staring point.  Then it is the sum of the previous two numbers to form the sequence.  It also appears in biology, such as branching in trees, you can find more info about it on wikipedia.  I am not sure that this procedure will be very popular, but is nice to see alternatives.

01-Walter-White-Igor-Kochmala-Plastic-Surgery-using-the Fibonacci-Sequence-www-designstack-co
Walter White - Bryan Cranston - Breaking Bad.

02-Jesse-Pinkman-Igor-Kochmala-Plastic-Surgery-using-the Fibonacci-Sequence-www-designstack-co
Jesse Pinkman - Aaron Paul - Breaking Bad.

03-Mona-Lisa-Gioconda-Igor-Kochmala-Plastic-Surgery-using-the Fibonacci-Sequence-www-designstack-co
Mona Lisa - La Gioconda - Leonardo da Vinci.

04-Sylvester-Sly-Stallone-Igor-Kochmala-Plastic-Surgery-using-the Fibonacci-Sequence-www
Sylvester (Sly) Stallone.

05-Nicolas-Cage-Igor-Kochmala-Plastic-Surgery-using-the Fibonacci-Sequence-www-designstack-co
Nicolas Cage.

06-Jack-Nicholson-Igor-Kochmala-Plastic-Surgery-using-the Fibonacci-Sequence-www-designstack-co
Jack Nicholson.

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