19 Dec 2015

Comic Book Heroes in Super Shadows Illustrations

American Artist Jason Ratliff has a background in Fine Art & Design and is the creator of these fascinating Comic Book Heroes Illustrations.  It originally started with another project the “Walking Shadows”, one of the images depicted, was of this little boy with the shadow of a superhero.  This particular image was was popular that, Ratliff decided to illustrate a series around this theme.  The superhero represents the dreams and aspirations of a young mind, with a potential that might be realised in time...

"Follow the Light"
Green Lantern - Ryan Reynolds.
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"Forever Young"
Wolverine - X-men - Hugh Jackman.
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Captain America - Chris Evans.
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"Gotham Shadows"
Batman - Bruce Wayne.
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"Green Tantrum"
Hulk - Dr Bruce Banner.
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"Little Bruce"
Batman - Bruce Wayne.
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"Scratch My Back"
Catwoman - Selina Kyle.
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"Speed of Light"
The Flash - Barry Allen.
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"The Power of the Hammer"
Thor - Chris Hemsworth.
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"Tony Junior"
Iron Man - Tony Stark - Robert Downey Jr.
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"Walking Shadow - Hero"
Superman - Clark Kent - Christopher Reeve.
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"Walking Shadow - Heroine"
Supergirl -  Kara Danvers.
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"We All Have Secrets"
Spider-Man - Peter Parker.
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