6 Dec 2015

Face and Tattoo Body Video Mapping Live

Amazing work by OSKAr & Gaspar who have over 15 years experience in the Video, TV and Video-Mapping Areas.  These effects were created live and not later in post production.  We have chosen two of their projects to showcase their work, the Tattoo Video Mapping and Human Face Video Mapping.  Have a look at the videos and the amazing effect that they are able to achieve live, while these events take place.  We have also added a few Animated GIFs that are excerpt of the larger videos.

Ink Mapping - Video Mapping on Tattoos

The first live event of Tattoo Video Mapping. No post-production was used.
Created and Produced by Oskar & Gaspar.
Agency: FunnyHow?
Powered by Desperados.
Original soundtrack: "Love Live", by Dj Ride & Holly.
Tattoos by Eduardo Cavellucci + Igor Gama from Queen of Hearts Tattoos

Human Face Video Mapping.

Backstage from the video " Explore your dual world", Human Face Video Mapping by Oskar & Gaspar.
We used 2 video projectors, 1 for the actor, the 2ยบ for the background.
No post production or digital correction.
agency: Excentric
client: Samsung Portugal
video: Droid_id
music: Timecoders










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