7 Jan 2016

JunsKitchen Food Art Koi Fish Sushi

Rachel & Jun describe themselves as an American/Japanese married couple.  Jun shows a step by step instructional video on how to construct Koi Fish Sushi.  He lists all of the ingredients, a copy of which is at the bottom of the post.  Plus a step by step instruction of the cooking and assembly.  As you can see from the video and the pictures the cat is following the entire process with a lot of interest...

Koi fish sushi コイ寿司.

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-Sushi rice -

Rice 180ml
Vinegar 15g
Sugar 10g
salt 5g

-Squid koi-

1 block of Squid (Diamondback squid)
1 piece of Spicy cod roe

-Shrimp koi-

2 - 3 Shrimp
1 Cucumber
2 Cherry radish
Black sesame or seaweed (for eyes)

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